Photo by Matthew Taylor

About HTA:

Henry the Archer, a stage-name for producer-singer-songwriter, Richard Hennessy’s music project. Currently includes the talents of Drummer Robert Grammer, Bassist Charles Marchbanks; and occasional Trombonist Tom Urquhart.

"Hennessy, an exceptionally gifted vocalist, has his full range on display, effortlessly switching from a gritty copper mic-tone to an astral clean falsetto."
- Fort Worth Weekly

"his sneering romanticism definitely adds to the overall appeal as he whines and wails his way through his engaging songs... one of the most anticipated releases of 2018"
- Texas Music Magazine

"Henry the Archer is the future of Rock 'n Roll" -The Memphis Alt-listener

"well-written and approachable" - Star-Telegram

"radio-friendly hooks and a body-moving rhythm section, Henry the Archer’s arrow is pointed toward superstardom."
- Fort Worth Weekly

With a moody sound hinting at post-punk rock offset with fresh groove-pop melodies, the music is a familiarity of sound, laden with system shocks in the form of sharp, pointed lyrical style. It’s music that hasn’t gone unnoticed:

"2019 Musical Artist of the Year" - Fort Worth Magazine

"2018 Musical Artist of the Year" - Fort Worth Magazine

"2017 Male Vocalist of the Year" - Dallas Observer Music Awards

"2017 KXT Listener Favorites" - KXT 91.7FM

"2017 Song of the Year" - FW Weekly Music Awards

"Top 10 Local Albums of 2017" - Fort Worth Weekly

"20 Best Local Albums of 2017" - Dallas Observer